Living Hope Ranch Newsletter – September 2016

Since opening Living Hope Ranch in January 2016 we have had three young women come through our doors. During that time, we saw growth and change in their attitudes and expressions, such a wonderful and encouraging answer to prayer.

Watching the residents grow in their understanding of emotions, and how to express them, as well as seeing them thrive in a safe structured environment has reinforced in us the vision of Living Hope Ranch. We gained valuable insight through the successes, challenges, and opportunities for growth in these initial months of operation.

Since June, we have taken a break from operation in order to turn our attention towards the further development and strengthening of our program. Due to the ongoing process with Canada Revenue Agency (see below) we will be pushing back our re-opening date into 2017.

Working Towards Our Registered Charity Status

The Charities Directorate operates under the administration of the Canada Revenue Agency and oversees the processing and granting of ‘registered charity status’ to not-for-profit organizations like Living Hope Ranch who apple for charitable status. If the organization is successful in it’s application and charity status is granted, the organization may provide a receipt for charitable donations to an individual to apply to their annual tax return as a tax deduction. In essence, the charity organization works on behalf of the Government of Canada for the benefit of the people of Canada. LHR is in the process of working through the application and are presently in direct contact with an agent of the Charities Directorate, who is helping us to understand and prepare property documentation and practices in order for us to qualify to receive charity status. To date, this seems like a long process, but we have found our assigned agent to be very helpful and encouraging as we move forward.

To be very clear, LHR cannot receipt for charitable donations until this process is finished and we are granted our charitable status. We have a timeline of at least 6 months before this takes place. Your prayers would be very welcome. If you have any questions about this process, please contact one of our LHR Board Members.

Kristen Zilke – Director of Communications

The last 3 years have been an incredible journey of hope, discovery, trust, personal growth and intense challenge. At time the development has unfolded differently than imagined but the process of pioneering is not without challenge.

Thank You For Your Continued Suport

– Kristen Zilke

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