Living Hope Ranch Newsletter – March 2017

Registerted Charitable Organization

Living Hope Ranch is pleased to announce our official status a Registered Charitable Organization! We are now able to issue a charitable tax receipt for all donations.

Patience In The Waiting

Patience is a difficult gift. When the possibility of beginning a ministry like LIving Hope Ranch first came across my desk, I never consider the incredible personal journey I would encounter. I suspect that starting a journey with the ability to see all the curves, hills and valleys one might encounter along the way, only helps an individual to place the first step down and move forward with excitement. The inevitable difficulties of navigating the trip will occur, often without warning, no matter how well we plan or how much faith we have in the journey. There are good resons why we suspended our program in June last year, but in hindsight, the suspension was a great gift from God. I liken it to a significant rest point on the journey, a place where God pulled us away from the immediate task at hand and required us to sit down together to rest, examine, discuss, pray, write, and prepare. Without a question, we are grateful for this stretch of re-tooling and preparing to get back on the journey.

This is where the difficulty of patience bears a comment. We are committed to waiting until God clearly gives us the “green light” to re-launch our program. We have a very detailed list of tasks we need accomplish so that we are prepared for when God says, “Go!” The tasks keep us connected, involved and excited for that day. The patience becomes difficult when almost EVERY day we see a news headline of a missing teen girl. Amber Alerts are a constant reminder of the multiple teen girls who are at risk, and how crucial ministries like living hope Ranch might be as a lifeline for some of them. We receive request from parents on a weekly basis, asking: “Do you have room for our daughter?”, “Are you open?”, and we struggle with patience in the waiting, as we look for God’s timing.

Please pray with us for the following: We are presently writing and re-writing our policy manual and updating our program. As time approaches for us to re-launch, we will need to find staff and boot up our fund raising energy. Pray for strength, wisdom and protection as we work hard in this season of patience.

Dr. Dave Manley
LHR Board of Directors

Working Towards Our Registered Charity Status

The Charities Directorate operates under the administration of the Canada Revenue Agency and oversees the processing and granting of ‘registered charity status’ to not-for-profit organizations like Living Hope Ranch who apple for charitable status. If the organization is successful in it’s application and charity status is granted, the organization may provide a receipt for charitable donations to an individual to apply to their annual tax return as a tax deduction. In essence, the charity organization works on behalf of the Government of Canada for the benefit of the people of Canada. LHR is in the process of working through the application and are presently in direct contact with an agent of the Charities Directorate, who is helping us to understand and prepare property documentation and practices in order for us to qualify to receive charity status. To date, this seems like a long process, but we have found our assigned agent to be very helpful and encouraging as we move forward.

To be very clear, LHR cannot receipt for charitable donations until this process is finished and we are granted our charitable status. We have a timeline of at least 6 months before this takes place. Your prayers would be very welcome. If you have any questions about this process, please contact one of our LHR Board Members.

The Eyes of an Intern

A desire to help hurting girls is one that I have carried for a long time, therefore, I was excited when I first heard of Living Hope Ranch and knew right away I would like to persue an internship there.

Before coming to LHR, I was informed of the restructuring process they were currently in; but this was exciting for me to have the opportunity to sew what I would like to start a ministry from the group up. I know it would a substantial amount of work and learning, but I really had no idea exactly how much work and learning would happen. There have been many times I have been completely taken back by the sheer quantity of work, planning, writing and pray that needs to take place in order for LHR to become a reality. In the short I have been here I have been impressed by the faithful diligence of the staff and board in their willingness to push for LHR and the copious amounts of time that have been sacrificed in order for this to move forward.

I have felt blessed to have these past few months working alongside the staff and board of Living Hope Ranch. I have learned far more then I had originally anticipated and to God be the glory for that.

Emily Teichrib
LHR Intern

What Have We Been Doing?

The last few months we have turned our attention toward the hard work of creating or rewriting policies and procedures. We have been working hard to improve both our administrative procedures and our day to day operating procedures. Our board and volunteer staff have divided up this workload, creating sub-committees that oversee and write policy for the various aspects of this ministry. Our goal is to streamline the overall operating procedures of Living Hope Ranch i order to be most effective.

Although we did not anticipate such a long break in our poerations we know that this wa the hand of God over us and have to recongize and appreciate his gift of time to us. Time to reflect, to learn, to growth and time to rest. We’ve used this time to implement what we have learned in our first few months of operating, and are thankful for the opportuniyt to have seen the program in action.

We are excited about what we have accomplished so far and are looking forwar to the completion of this process and the long anticiapted reopening of Living Hope Ranch.

We are aiming for reopening sometime in the fall of 2017.

Kristen Zilke – Director of Communications

The last 3 years have been an incredible journey of hope, discovery, trust, personal growth and intense challenge. At time the development has unfolded differently than imagined but the process of pioneering is not without challenge.

Thank You For Your Continued Suport

– Kristen Zilke

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