Sponsorship Opportunities


The Partner for Empowerment sponsorship program enables you to come alongside vulnerable teenage girls and help in a way that really make a difference in theirs, and their families lives.

By sponsoring a teen, you help change a life forever. You let her know that she’s not alone. Physically, your sponsorship helps provide many things, these mainly include:

1. Mentorship
2. Education & Life Skills
3. Food
4. Housing
5. Counselling & equine experiential learning

When you sponsor a teen at Living Hope Ranch, you’ll receive:

  • Regular updates on her progress
  • The opportunity to write and encourage her (all correspondence will be anonymous)
  • The satisfaction of helping change a life
  • One tax receipt for your total year’s giving

They are not targeted because they are broken they are broken because they are targeted.

We believe there are countless agencies seeking to devour and use young women as a ‘commodity’, thus ranking them among the most vulnerable in our world. Their lives are broken before they’ve had the chance to begin. At Living Hope Ranch, we believe that every young woman who comes through our doors is made in the image of God and has a most basic need to know that they are safe and valuable.

You can become an important part of this effort by sponsoring a young woman today. Your sponsorship today can provide a place of restoration and empowerment to young girls and their families in a positive, secure home while they begin their journey to becoming strong, confident young women.

Sponsorship OPTIONS

We have sponsorship options ranging from $41 to $100/mth. 

Please contact our office to learn more.

More Details

  • In an effort to protect the client and their families, all correspondence will be anonymous. No exceptions.
  • Due to the sensitive nature of working with minors, no photos or real names will be released.
  • We ask that you do not seek out personal information regarding our clients. Any correspondence should be strictly positive and prayer support as she journeys the program.encouragement
  • If you wish to take a tour of LHR, you may book an appointment with our Program Director. We do not accommodate personal visits to your sponsored teen and we ask that should you visit the facility, you keep your sponsorship identity anonymous.