Our Program

Living Hope Ranch (LHR) Program

We believe that all youth, with appropriate help, have the capacity to grow beyond the limits of a traumatic past or a risk-filled environment and become significant contributors to their communities. The Living Hope Ranch program focuses on Mentoring, Life Skills, Education and Faith. The girls will learn and grow mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually; thus enabling them to confront life’s challenges with confidence. Education is provided through Sun West Distance Learning Centre – Success for All.


The Living Hope Ranch program includes an equine component in which horses are used as instruments for personal growth. Bringing clients together with horses, can be a significant experience of helping a client identify their emotional needs. The benefits include: developing healthy relationships based on mutual trust; building confidence and self-esteem; and learning problem solving skills. We will utilize the professional practice of Equine Assisted Learning within the Equine Program as the means of facilitating the relationships between the girls and the horses.



Living Hope Ranch (LHR) uses a ’level’ system and mentoring relationships to help the students develop a strong moral compass by teaching them gratitude, responsibility, respect for authority, leadership and time-managements and decision-making skills. As the residents advance through the levels, they are awarded more privileges, freedoms and given more responsibility.


During a residents stay at LHR they have the opportunity to learn various life skills, including cooking, garden care, cleaning, laundry, various farm duties, musical training, sewing, exercise, etc. They will also be involved in community service projects. All of these elements help build a strong work ethic, build basic life skills and promote success in their future careers, families and communities.



An integral part of the program is education. Many students entering LHR may be behind or failing in their studies. LHR has partnered with Sun West school division to offer distance learning education, in correlation with Saskatchewan curriculum. Residents will work with an educational assistant in the classroom to continue their education while enrolled in the program at LHR. Upon arrival each resident will be assessed by Sun West and placed into the school system at the appropriate level. It is our desire that each resident leave LHR with the confidence and intellectual tools needed to further her education.


We are a faith-based, Christian program and facility. The LHR staff is committed to ensuring that residents understand God’s love, forgiveness and His ability to restore relationships. Each student will be assigned a staff mentor who will meet with them regularly to discuss needs, goals and areas of personal growth. The strong relationships that staff and mentors build with residents provide support during their stay at LHR and beyond. Staff advisors also keep in contact with parents so they are involved and updated on their daughter’s progress.