Living Hope Ranch is a 12 month, faith based  on-site program for female teens, 13-17, who are struggling with life-controlling issues. It offers a structured environment that fosters growth mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually; thus enabling them to confront life’s challenges with confidence.


“At Living Hope Ranch, we believe that every young woman who comes through our doors has a most basic need to know that they are
safe, valuable and loved.”

In late November we had the honor of hosting our local MLA Douglas Steele and his assistant Twila for a tour of Living Hope Ranch.  Later, in early December, our Communications Director had the opportunity to meet again with MLA, Doug Steele and the Minister of Social Services, Paul Merriman.  It was a great meeting and we are thankful to have the opportunity to work with the representatives of our government in a collaborative capacity, striving to network and support each other.

Staff training is under way this week up at the ranch.  Our directors and staff have worked hard in preparation for this week and we are excited as we get ready to accept our first clients into our revamped program on January 13th!

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From our President

I am thrilled to be at this place of opening our doors!  We have worked at this project for 7 years, and the journey has been a roller coaster ride of learning.  I think the greatest lesson I have learned along the way is how hard it is to follow with faith.  One thing that has remained constant throughout is that I could not let it go.  No matter where I turned, I found the insidious assault on young teen girls!  From news media to Facebook posts to personal stories, I found a crisis going on right under our noses, and with that a great need for places like Living Hope Ranch.  Many times the urgency pushed us past faith, to try to make this work on our own.  Every time I ended up confused and fairly crushed, questioning why we couldn’t get this off the ground. 

Hindsight is a gift God gives to our weak, human effort at faith.  In the present we often cannot see His hand, or hear his voice, so we push on our own strength.  Last Fall, we came to the point of surrender and confidence that Jesus would open this when He (and we) were ready.  We had been through enough to learn that if He doesn’t do this, we will never open.  SO … we prayed and fasted and gave this fully to his control.  Incredibly, things began to move quickly!  As we look in hindsight, we clearly see the things that we ‘thought’ we were ready for but see how much more we needed to know before He would let us care for the wounded.   That learning curve moved us to work hard and give Him the timeline.

The lesson for me is faith!  I have lived as a pastor all my life, living in faith for God to provide in all kinds of ways.  To give me the finances to raise a family, to provide healing in my body, to give me wisdom to lead.  What I struggled with in this project was the smallness of my ability to raise funds to cover salaries for staff and to keep this going.  It led me to a meeting table with several brothers who serve in leadership for my denomination, The Church of God in Western Canada.  I came to that table to ask for money, because that’s what I felt was all we needed.  As the conversation unfolded, I felt absolutely empty of words and requests, and I emotionally said to my friends at the table that I actually had no idea what I really needed.  At this point one of the men spoke up and suggested that he felt Jesus telling him that this ministry was something that the men of the Church of God should give their attention to.  Another spoke up and suggested even more, that Living Hope Ranch should be the focus of our annual Men’s Retreat, and that Kristen (our Communications Director) should be invited to give the keynote address to the men at the retreat.  Conversation soon shifted to the need for men to own heart issues which are often the root of women’s pain, and to invite Holy Spirit to raise us up as men who pray, protect and provide on their journeys to be everything God dreams for them to be!

Since that day, I have not worried about making Living Hope Ranch ‘work’.  I placed it into Jesus’ hands, and He has full control.  It is my duty to do all that I can to equip our staff and ensure that we do all we can to make this program accessible and successful.  As a continued sign of God’s provision, the Administrative Bishop of the Church of God in Western Canada, Bishop Larry Hasmatali, presented Living Hope Ranch as a project of our denomination, and started a program to challenge 500 Church of God men to contribute $20.00/month for the ministry. 

I invite you to join us in this faith journey.  In a few days, we will welcome the first two teen girls into our program.  The greatest gift you can give to us is to pray for them!  That they will feel safe and loved.  Pray for our staff as they strive to deliver our program with grace, love and wisdom! 
Dr. Dave Manley
President – Living  Hope Ranch

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⦁ Dry goods/non-perishables (food)
⦁ Storage Sheds
⦁ Fire Extinguishers
⦁ Outdoor Cameras
⦁ Small Tractor
⦁ Office chairs
⦁ Desks for school
⦁ Art Supplies
⦁ Cleaning Supplies/Laundry Supplies
⦁ Office chairs
⦁ Windbreak panels
⦁ Corral panels
⦁ Gently used or new furniture
⦁ Walkie Talkie Radios – long range
⦁ Meat – beef, chicken
⦁ Tack for horses & helmets
⦁ Exercise equipment
⦁ Power bars/surge protectors

Internship Opportunities Available

We do have internship options available, but please contact us at [email protected], as to the possibility of us being able to provide an internship suitable to your program requirements.

You can find more information about our internships on our website, www.livinghoperanch.ca

"Empowering teenage girls to become strong confident women."

Thank you for your continued support!